Happy Smiling Purchaser
Happy Smiling Purchaser
Happy Purchaser
Search quickly from multiple suppliers and compare price, stock availability and specifications at a click of a button.

Digital end-to-end transfer. Avoid data entry and human mistakes.

Happy Purchaser
Search quickly from multiple suppliers and compare price, stock availability and specifications at a click of a button.

Digital end-to-end transfer. Avoid data entry and human mistakes.

Search and compare from 100’s of suppliers in seconds

Digital connections between all your Supply Chain systems

Saves efforts and eliminates mismatching data

You want to free up time from your day so that you can actually do the real work.

Are you tired of switching between multiple browser windows finding and comparing the right product?
Sick of spending time updating your articles database?
You are done liaising between Purchasing and Engineering to clarify the purchase item specifications?
Exhausted about remembering a large number of passwords for different webshops?
Worn out from constantly returning articles to your suppliers on a weekly basis?
Tired of spending hours of your day connecting the dots between Finance, Purchase and Engineering for mismatched orders?
Don't want to lose out on discounts due to delayed invoice payments?

Start to streamline your process today so you can save time and energy.

Considerably reduce the time you spend searching

Easier communication between purchase, finance and engineering

Always buy available products at the best price.

We know how frustrating it is to repeatedly confront the same problems again and again.

As a procurement expert you want a smooth supply chain. The lack of real time pricing and availability from your suppliers and updated article database means you are forced to continuously check the suppliers site and your purchase orders. Checking each supplier individually and comparing manually eating into your productivity. The back and forth between departments to check orders, deliveries and invoices is exhausting.

There has to be an easier way!

We are convinced that technology should work for you and not the other way around.


We can help you purchase better. Way better.


Efficiency improvement in finding products


Average reduction in Invoice mismatch


suppliers connected to our network

3+ million

connected product items

Start with smart procurement.

1. Request a demo

Schedule a call so we can tailor the platform to your needs and create a demo account.

2. Simplify your e-searching

Set up your free trial account and start using eSearch so you can experience benefits for yourself.

3. Start saving time & effort

Find the best price at the first click and make invoice matching a breeze



Positive experiences from our partners and customers using eSearch.


"With multiple locations across the country, it's just as important to us to be seen as to be found. What is being sought, where is being sought and why is being sought, we only know with a real contact and then most of the decision-making process has already been completed.With a tool such as E-search we increase our visibility, a potential customer gains insight into our stocks and locations and we can request reports about the search that precedes an order.”


"We were introduced to the possibilities of eSearch at an early stage and were pleasantly surprised. The added value of eSearch for our Smart Field Support application is so great that we have entered into a partnership with them. But beyond that as well, we recommend eSearch as a standard search engine to all our customers.”


“At IJssel Technologie we have several branches in the Netherlands that were all used to working in their own way. This therefore caused a lot of doubt about the acceptance rate. However, eSearch was surprisingly easy to implement. In fact, people never want to go back to the old situation.”


eSearch Pricing.

Search License

€ 200 /month **

1 User License **

  eSearch Contract Savings

  Single Sign On

 Ticketing Que Support

  Purchase Additional User Licenses

Purchase License 

€ 1000 /month ***

1 User License **

  eSearch Contract Savings

  Single Sign On

 Direct Support

  Purchase Additional User Licenses

EDI License

€ 1500 /month ***

1 User License **

  eSearch Contract Savings

  Single Sign On

 Account Manager

  Purchase Additional User Licenses

* Free trial for upto 1 month (allowed once per company)
** All accounts require an annual contract.
This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change.

Lightning fast search engine

No more waiting for hourglasses! Immediate result in seconds.

Easy digital processing

All shopping carts are delivered to your ERP as an xml file.

High reliability for deliveries

We have got realtime insight in the suppliers stock levels.

Reduced number of returns

We use the suppliers data to make the order xml.

Better invoice matching

Price differences are part of the past because of the realtime connection with suppliers.

Finding articles with barcode

Finding parts using a barcodescanner from your warehouse.

Direct connection to supplier webshops

All articles that are found have a deeplink to the supplier webshop where technical details or steps files could be downloaded.

Manage everything yourself

You can determine which suppliers should be shown or not.

Easy to use

User friendliness is key to our solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already have an ERP. Can it connect with my systems?
Yes for sure, we can connect to any ERP and set up a Single Sign On connection making it even easier for all users.

My industry is very niche. Do you have the supplier that will work for me?
We have a very broad range of suppliers that cover almost all product categories but if you want your supplier to be added we can take care of that as well.

How accurate is your cost savings scan?
The combination of our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry coupled with benchmark data mean we can determine the cost savings fairly accurately.

I don't have contracts with all suppliers yet is this a problem?
No problem at all eSearch has contracts with all Suppliers which are available for all our eSearch customers to use.

What is the business model for eSearch?
We provide procurement tooling for B2B which helps improve efficiency and reduce errors in the Supply Chain process. We charge our customers a per user license fee. The money we earn from these fees is used to support our customers, maintain the platform and manage contracts with suppliers.

I don't have a budget?
Our quick scan could provide you with information on potential savings for your company based on your purchasing. We can guarantee that the scan results show that eSearch pays for itself.

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About us

Procurement often spends a lot of time finding the right product at the best price, while Finance is busy fixing all incorrect orders and invoices. With the eSearch search platform you will always find the right product at the best price with all orders and invoices processed without errors. As a result your projects get delivered on time, your clients satisfaction grows while you save time and money.